Our commitment to kindness to the planet and every living being

At Rachel Donath, our promise of kindness is the bedrock on which our entire business is built. As guardians of sustainability, we embrace our responsibility to safeguard the environment and uplift communities. This commitment finds its expression through our choice in manufactures and partners who hold certifications of Fair Trade Social Accountability Accreditation Services, ISO, C-TPAT, Sedex, ROHS compliant, FSC compliant, and PEFC compliant. These credentials are not just labels; they are the pillars that support our ethical purpose and guide every action we take.

Thoughtful Material Choices

Kindness to the planet begins with the selection of materials. We consciously choose materials that reflect our dedication to sustainability. From reclaimed wood to eco-friendly textiles, our choices are guided by their minimal environmental impact. By using these materials, we aim to reduce the depletion of natural resources and encourage responsible consumption.

Designs with Heart and Soul

Our commitment to kindness extends to the very designs that grace your homes. We create pieces with enduring appeal, focusing on timeless aesthetics that transcend trends. This design ethos promotes longevity, which in turn reduces the need for frequent replacements and curtails the accumulation of unnecessary waste.

Nurturing a Circular Spirit

In our journey towards kindness, we wholeheartedly embrace the circular economy. Our products are designed not only to be durable but also to be part of a circular flow. They can be disassembled, repaired, and recycled, ensuring that their impact on the planet is always kind, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

Hearts Aligned with Local Communities

Kindness is not confined to environmental efforts—it also thrives within the hearts of the communities we touch. We collaborate with local artisans, celebrating their skills and traditions. Through these partnerships, we contribute to the growth of local economies, embodying the spirit of shared prosperity.

Transparent Threads of Trust

Kindness is built on trust, and we understand the importance of transparency. We open the doors to our supply chain, revealing the journey our products take from inception to creation. By sharing this information, we empower our customers to make mindful choices, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the products they bring into their lives.

Cultivating Conscious Consumption

Beyond the products themselves, we champion kindness through education. We are committed to raising awareness about the impact of consumer choices. Our workshops, articles, and collaborations serve as platforms to cultivate mindfulness in consumption, fostering a collective understanding of the interconnectedness between our choices and the well-being of both people and the planet.

Continuous Acts of Improvement

Kindness is an ongoing commitment—one that requires continuous improvement. We constantly seek innovative ways to elevate our sustainable practices. Our pledge to kindness propels us to explore new materials, technologies, and methodologies that amplify our positive impact.

In a world where compassion and care are paramount, Rachel Donath stands as a beacon of kindness in the furniture and homewares industry. We infuse every creation with the intention to be kind to the planet, nurturing it for future generations. Simultaneously, our commitment to kindness extends to people—to artisans, communities, and customers alike. Through every step we take, we believe in cultivating a world where kindness is not just a value, but a way of life.