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Creating charm, curiosity and romance within the narrative born of physical and philosophical reflection, mirrors are as much an object of art as a tool of refraction, bending light and directing the eye to depths outside our ordinary line of vision. From the gilded grandeur of a French antique mirror to the mystique of a vintage Italian version of ‘lo ​​specchio’, mirrors infuse mood through the flourish of their frame, allowing us to inject tone into an interior through purpose and position.

Sometimes dramatic, sometimes chic, our designer mirrors occupy both private or public settings. An Arte or modern ball edged mirror can elevate a utilitarian laundry but also feel at home in the intimacy of an elevated en suite, bathroom or bedroom. Above a mantel or as a feature, mirrors become an object of admiration where detail, era and scale engage with both their environment and viewer to fill a room with light or charge it with ambience . The old world pigment and structure of a Trumeau antique, for example, can completely transport us through time - its emerald green colourings resonating as much with vert richness of a manicured garden, as the deep opulence of an 19th Century French opera house.


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Discover decorative mirrors by Rachel Donath. Elevate your space with exquisite designs that blend artistry and functionality. Meticulously designed, each piece embodies a commitment to quality and precision. Elevate your space with mirrors that not only reflect style but also stand as enduring testaments to artistry and quality. 

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Experience the pinnacle of quality and design with Rachel Donath's full-length and wall mirrors. Elevate your space with mirrors that are not just reflections but epitomes of enduring craftsmanship. Shop confidently, knowing that each mirror embodies a commitment to exceptional quality, fusing style and substance seamlessly in every radiant creation.

Designer mirrors for the elevated home

Transform your home into a haven of sophistication with Rachel Donath's designer mirrors. Each creation is a testament to quality and design, blending form and function seamlessly. Elevate your space with these exquisite mirrors that redefine elegance, offering a curated touch of style and refinement to your living spaces.

Discover unique mirrors in Australia

Uncover a world of style with Rachel Donath's unique mirrors in Australia. Each piece is a testament to her distinct design aesthetic, embodying elegance and innovation. Elevate your space with these exclusive mirrors, showcasing a blend of contemporary aesthetic and timeless sophistication, making a bold statement in style for your home.

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