Natasha Schweitzer

“I have loved every minute of my life—the tough parts of growing a business are really what you look back on and reflect on as the best years.” - Natasha Schweitzer

 While design runs in her blood, Natasha Schweitzer offers new ritual to everyday wear through an eponymous collection of fine jewellery that is both timeless and elevated. Her effortless elegance is obvious, expressing something of who she is in every aspect of her life and every touchpoint of her business. Having recently been included in the Forbes prestigious 30 under 30 for 2022, she is also undeniably impressive and we admire her as much for her creative mindset as the tenacity and hard work that have led to her success.

Rachel Donath Wave Chairs pictured with Natasha Schweitzer at home. 

Physically, where are you right now? Are you at home, on holiday, in the office or elsewhere?

Physically I am sitting in my office at our HQ. 

How does your current environment inform your creative process and what is inspiring you right now? 

Right now my environment informs my creative process because I have peace and quiet—a rarity in my life! I find calming spaces are far easier to be creative in. Busy and fast-paced environments like our HQ can make being creative incredibly difficult, because you are often forced to think strategically, stay focused and listen to so many people regarding so many projects all day. Having my own office in our new space means I can close the door, draw the curtains and just have time to be present and to really think. Currently I am being inspired by old-world Italian architecture. 

The Rachel Donath Wave Chair in situ. 

For every good idea there are many more we reject. Do you ever salvage ideas that didn’t come to fruition at a later stage or do you just move on? 

Once I set my mind to something or make a decision I usually stick by that. If we have removed a design we generally won’t re-visit this at a later date because I would have had a very good reason to not continue with the style for commercial or creative reasons. 

What have been some personal milestones that you have achieved outside the expectation or perceived expectation of others? 

Making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2022.

What have been some of your most profound personal challenges and have they ever informed your creative process or interrupted it? 

I have dealt with anxiety since I was 20, so I would absolutely say this has always been my greatest personal challenge. Of course this has interrupted my life on many occasions, but I have learnt to live with and love my anxiety. I actually think this is the secret to my creative success. 

If you analysed the most important factors in your success, what would say these have been? 

Hard work, risk-taking and an incredible family and friends network. 

What are your personal and creative rituals, if any? 

Pending on how much time I have, I will usually design our new collections at home, or away on a holiday. Removing myself from the office and all the daily stress that comes with running a business is so important. I need time and space to think, so I create that for myself. If I have a creative block I usually go for a run or walk a few times in the same day. 

Where do you go to find creative refuge? 


If you could go back in time and begin again without knowing what you do now, would you?

I would do it all again in a heartbeat! I have loved every minute of my life—the tough parts of growing a business are really what you look back on and reflect on as the best years. 

What piece of wisdom currently resonates with you and how does it inform your approach to life right now? 

I have been given so much wisdom over the years that stands true to me today, but I think the best advice that I have been given is to not take things too seriously and to surround yourself with good people. I think when you approach business with joy, you find your joy. If you take everything so seriously you are met with that future. I love working with my family and friends—I don't think I could ask for anything more than what I have right now. 



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