Jason M. Jones

“{What are my personal and creative rituals?} Playing my beautiful Grand Piano. Always by myself - it's my personal time. Nothing makes me happier.”
- Jason Jones

Jason M. Jones
knows a thing or two about savoir-faire. Owner of Melbourne’s iconic Entrecôte, the French steakhouse bringing classic Parisian dining to Prahran, his passion for hospitality extends beyond the perfection of the plate to the venue’s breathtaking interior and atmosphere. From the Dining Room to its Brasserie, its Terrasse, Courtyard and private Salon, sumptuous texture collides with pattern and colour to create a sense of intimacy and experience - a feat of European elegance that feels equally infused with something of Jones’ own lyrical style, generosity and optimism. 

Having recently navigated COVID and the lockdowns that crippled much of the hospitality industry, we caught up with Jason to hear about the good and the bad of the last two years, the timing of ideas and surviving profound personal challenges. 

Jason M. Jones and the Rachel Donath custom reupholstered Yoyo Stool for Entrecôte pictured, right.

Physically, where are you right now? Are you at home, on holiday, in the office or elsewhere?

Right now I am in the Ace Hotel in Sydney - we came up for three nights for an annual boat party my dear friend David does for his friends on the Harbour - it's so generous and something we look forward to every year - However, with Melbourne pretty much in lockdown the past two years - we have missed it - so after a couple of years missing this great day - we are excited to be back again doing the things we love.  We adore the Ace Hotel - it's such a vibe and there is always a heap of creatives staying here at any one time - so there is no doubt you are guaranteed to be drinking in the fabulous Lobby bar till the early hours - such a great hotel designed by our dear friend David Flack.

How does your current environment inform your creative process and what is inspiring you right now?

What is inspiring me is everyone's generosity atm… I think people are just really loving being free to do whatever we want again - no barriers - people are thinking outside the box, and I’m here for it!

The Rachel Donath Wave Chair with custom reupholstery for Entrecôte, pictured in the Brasserie.

For every good idea there are many more we reject. Do you ever salvage ideas that didn’t come to fruition at a later stage or do you just move on? 

Hmm. Such a good question - I often have an idea that floats around in my head for years, sometimes decades - and I will never let them rest til I have 'given it a go’ - for example, for over 10 years my partner, Brem Perera and I have wanted to do a fast paced, loud, noisy, delicious Sri Lankan “hopper” restaurant - we are finally getting closer to this - it really was about finding the absolute right venue and the rest will just fall into place.  Professionally I get approached with ideas, concepts and spaces weekly - and yes, I go with my gut feeling on these ones.

What have been some of your most profound personal challenges and have they ever informed your creative process or interrupted it? 

I could write a chapter here - however the two most profound personal challenges I have been dealt with is having cancer twice (the second cancer only being told I had 20% chance of survival (18 years ago now!) and just this year having a heart attack resulting in an emergency open heart triple bypass surgery - you could say they were all pretty life changing.  My friends call me a cockroach!

If you analysed the most important factors in your success, what would say these have been? 

To surround yourself with the people you love, this may not always even be family, but choose closely those who you spend your most time with. They will be the ones who lift you up and tell you when you need to calm the farm!!!

What are your personal and creative rituals, if any? 

Playing my beautiful Grand Piano.  Always by myself - it's my personal time. Nothing makes me happier. 

The Rachel Donath Yoyo Stool and Entrecôte Piano, pictured pre-service. 

Where do you go to find creative refuge? 

To our Farm in Kyneton - we spend most weekends down there and when I am there I am never happier. We have no TV, just books and vinyl - we cook, we garden, we host lovely long lunches with friends - we love it so much.

If you could go back in time and begin again without knowing what you do now, would you?

Never to take on business partners. Never, ever.

What piece of wisdom currently resonates with you and how does it inform your approach to life right now? 

Learning to say “no”.  Sometimes in my life we have been so busy with so many different things that I didn’t know if I was Arthur or Marther.  Learning to say no gives you control of your life again.. it's a game changer.

A Parisian dining experience in the middle of Prahran featuring the Rachel Donath Wave Chair



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